If a brain is exercised properly, anyone can grow intelligence, at any age, and potentially by a lot. Or you can just let your brain idle - and watch it slowly, inexorably, go to seed like a sedentary body - Michael Merzenich










Welcome to Big Brain Place. Here is why we do what we do:

Watch the video
Watch the video

Our goal is to help everyone build a bigger and better brain. Age is just a number - we have something for everyone!

Bigger and better brains:

What helps a brain grow and remain healthy?

From aromatherapy kits to challenging brain teasers and multiplayer games, Big Brain Place products are designed to keep your mind healthy at any age. When it comes to your brain, you either grow it  or lose it, and with the help of Big Brain games, puzzles, coffee, and aromatherapy you can exercise your mind to build and maintain your mental muscles.

Our mind stimulating games and puzzles are for all ages. We can help children develop their mental skills, and help adults and seniors maintain their mental sharpness as they age. We also offer coffee, aromatherapy kits, and meditation guidebooks: all things proven to benefit brain health. A healthy and active brain is possible at any age!

Likely or known contributors to healthy brains:

Stimulation/challenge - Like working a brainteaser or puzzle, playing games that require dexterity and problem solving skills

Activities that require physical movement & concentration: – e.g., learning to juggle, play guitar, knit, etc. The key is that it's a 'new activity' meaning something you haven't done before.  List of qualifying activities is almost endless.


Check out our flavors of locally roasted, small batch coffee beans . Recent scientific studies indicate that coffee consumption may be good for your brain – in moderation, naturally. 


We currently offer two books to help beginners learn to meditate as well as provide new information to the experienced practitioner. Centering your mind and relieving stress is always good for your brain!

Sleep: Sure it's obvious that getting a good night's sleep is good for your brain, but that doesn't mean it's always easy to do! If you share the struggle as I do then try one of our best in class sleep masks.

Diet: We don't sell food, but we do encourage everyone to think about what we know is good for us, and what we know isn't. The information is there for the finding. 

Exercise: Very soon we will have a travel friendly exercise kit available. I'll post more once it's ready.

Social Interaction: Important no matter how old you are. Staying active and having someone to talk to is vital to the overall health of your brain. 


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