Vanilla Aromatherapy Set
Vanilla Aromatherapy Set Vanilla Aromatherapy Set

Vanilla. Did you know that vanilla comes from an orchid? One species of orchid produces pods that create the bean used in the flavor and fragrance we know as vanilla. Vanilla seems to be universally liked – a bouquet perceived as pleasant worldwide. Visitors coming to your office or store? Vanilla will be a subtle welcoming touch. Feeling a little jittery or dealing with nervous energy? Some vanilla in the air might be just what you need. As with lavender, vanilla is a perfect fragrance to diffuse when practicing meditation. Our set contains a generous four ounces of essential oil prepared for us in the USA, a red ingot diffuser bottle made in Spain from recycled glass and your choice of either black or white diffuser reeds. Four-to-five reeds will naturally diffuse enough fragrance for a medium sized room. Use more reeds for a larger room or for a stronger fragrance. Comes with 10 reeds.