The Little Book of Mindfulness

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This is a delightful little book. Dr. Patrizia Collard wrote this richly illustrated book to introduce Mindfulness Meditation to a wide audience. While many authors and instructors challenge us to spend longer stretches of time in meditation, Dr. Collard has mindfulness exercises as short as five minutes.

In fact, all 30 plus meditations are either five or ten minutes long. Those that suggest getting into a certain body position to perform are thoughtfully illustrated. While few of the exercise positions are challenging, the author offers optional body positions for most.

 This is an easily read, stress-free introduction to meditation and mindfulness. But the experienced meditation practitioner may find Dr. Collard’s warm affirmations and encouraging tone helpful as well.

And it small (approximately 6” X 4”) size not only makes it easy to take on a flight or to the beach, it helps make it a very affordable $7.99

At www.BigBrain.Place, we only offer books that we’ve read and enjoyed. This makes our list.