Silk Sleep Masks
Silk Sleep Masks Silk Sleep Masks Silk Sleep Masks Silk Sleep Masks

If you are wondering how to improve your brain health quickly – the simple answer is to get a good night’s sleep every night. Science says a good night’s rest goes a long way towards improving overall cognitive function, and your overall physical and mental health. These high-quality silk sleep masks from Big Brain Place can help you get the sleep you need to grow a big, healthy brain.

Here’s why ours are far better than those cheap airline masks. First, they are much larger, which does a better job of blocking light. Second, they don’t attach around the ears with elastic; our sleep masks have bands that go around the back of your head and are fully adjustable. And third, they’re not made of polyester or some other artificial fabric: the interior- where it touches your face, is silk. The Chinese pioneered silk manufacturing centuries ago, and still know more about it than anyone else. Our masks are made for us by a respected silk factory.

Check out the photos above of people with a sleep mask on to get an idea of the size and fit. These are the best sleep masks any of us have ever tried - hands down.