Six Making

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Skills developed: problem solving, strategy, focus, attention
Goal: Be the first player to build a King in a fresh twist on Chess
Ages: 8* and up

This fresh twist on chess brings a different spectrum of thinking to the game that challenges the brain. Six Making is a two-player strategy game for adults and elderly in which players challenge each other in building chess-like figures - except checkmating the opponent doesn't make you a winner; instead you win by building a king.

Each player takes alternates turns, either placing one of their own pieces on the board as a pawn or capturing any of the pieces on the board. Captured pieces result in higher stacks, which move like different chess pieces. Players can move small parts of stacks, but they retain the movement of their corresponding chess piece. The first player to create a stack of six or more pieces — with their own color on top — wins this challenging brain game.

*Not for young children due to small pieces.

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