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Shut-The-Box is a traditional multiplayer brain game that teaches counting, addition, and probability. This classic game dates to the 18th century when Shut-the-Box was enjoyed by Norman fishermen after a long day at sea. Today the game is played with family, used in classrooms for teaching addition and probability, and is even a betting game played in pubs all over Europe.

In this mind stimulating game, roll the dice and lay down any numerical combination of tiles that match your roll. For example, let’s say your dice add up to 8 -you can close any available tiles adding to or matching 8:

7 & 1
6 & 2
5 & 3
5 & 2 & 1
4 & 3 & 2

Keep on rolling until you can no longer match your roll on the remaining tiles. The play then passes to the next player, and at the end of the round the lowest score wins the game. There are several variations of Shut-the-Box games – making life easy for developing house rules with your family and friends.

Shut-The-Box is made of medium stained wood with a felt playing surface. It features 10 wooden number tiles rather than the more common 9 tiled versions, bringing more numerical dice combinations into play.

Shut-the-Box is a charming, old-world style game that is fun for adults, seniors, and kids. Whether you’re a family with early learners working on their basic math skills, or looking for an exciting game to add to casino night with your friends and neighbors; Shut-the-Box is sure to bring hours of enjoyment and old-world charm to your home.

Skills developed: risk management, counting, math, processing speed
Goal: Achieve the lowest score by having the fewest possible combination of numbers
Ages: 5 and up