Rosemary Mint Aromatherapy Set
Rosemary Mint Aromatherapy Set Rosemary Mint Aromatherapy Set

Rosemary. Rosemary is a flowering herb that originated in the Mediterranean region, but now is planted everywhere as a decorative flower. Sprigs of rosemary have been used for centuries in weddings as bridal headpieces. The leaves are used as a flavoring, particularly in Mediterranean cuisine. Rosemary is viewed as a memory booster; we’ve seen reports of college students diffusing it during exam cram study periods. Our Rosemary Mint is a subtle fragrance that can be used throughout home or office. Our set contains a generous four ounces of essential oil prepared for us in the USA, a green ingot diffuser bottle made in Spain from recycled glass and your choice of either red or natural diffuser reeds. Four-to-five reeds will naturally diffuse enough fragrance for a medium sized room. Use more for a larger room or for a stronger fragrance. Comes with 10 reeds.