Ring It!

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Goal: Be the first to spot a combination, clap, and ring the bell to win the round.
Ages: 5 and up

Clap and ring your way to victory! This challenging multiplayer brain game is a fun and entertaining way to develop visual perception and faster thought-processing.

One of our most entertaining puzzles and brainteasers, Ring It! makes for the perfect travel game because of its small container, and the game lends itself to a variety of “house rules” that friends and families can easily devise.

Players are dealt a hand of 10 cards placed face-down. Each player flips their cards over in-turn until a combo is found. The combos can be colors of the card, the shapes on the card, or identical numbers on the cards. Be the first to find the combo, clap your hands and ring the bell - if you’re right, you get to keep all of the cards, but mistakes get penalized in this fast-paced multiplayer educational game. Get ready for chaotic clapping followed by lots of laughter!

Skills developed: visual perception, processing speed

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