Pixy Cubes
Pixy Cubes Pixy Cubes Pixy Cubes Pixy Cubes

Arrange colorful cubes in many different designs with Pixy Cubes. Whether you want to go for a speed challenge, a memory challenge, or simply create pictures and designs as a pastime, Pixy Cubes will offers hours of fun! Each cube has green, red, yellow, and blue sides—either as solids, half and half, or crescent shapes. In the speed game, players draw a card and race to arrange their cubes in the pattern designated on the card. In the memory game, players have 10 seconds to memorize the pattern on the card; then they try to complete the pattern by memory. The winner of each round collects the card. The one with the most cards wins. Pixy Cubes also comes with design cards that players can use as template. The opposite sides of the cards are simply shapes in black outline, opening up even more ways to play the game. Pixy Cubes is easily portable and is perfect for an afternoon of fun mental stimulation.

Pixy Cubes develops visual skills such as form constancy perception while reinforcing color and shape recognition. Manipulating the cubes works on fine motor skills. Playing with the challenge cards strengthens memory and cognitive speed. The game’s design aspect encourages creativity.

Recommended for ages 5 and up