Pixy Cubes

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: Brain Games


Goal: Complete the most images using colored cubes before the time runs out

Gather the kids and family for a brain-boosting memory game that tests speed and image recollection. Arrange colorful cubes into a variety of unique designs based on the pattern shown on a card. Whether you want to go for a speed challenge, memory challenge, or simply create new pictures and designs - Pixy Cubes can be hours of fun for everyone.
Each cube has green, red, yellow, and blue sides – either as solids, half and half, or crescent shapes. In the speed game, players have 10 seconds to memorize the pattern on the card; then they must complete the pattern by memory. The card goes to the winner of each round. The one with the most cards wins. Pixy Cubes also comes with design cards that players can use as a template for this challenging brain teaser.

Skills developed: memory, cognitive speed , visual perception, fine motor, creativity.

Ages: 5 and up

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