Grow Your Brain! Anyone, At Any Age, Can Have a Bigger, Better Brain

Grow Your Brain! Anyone, At Any Age, Can Have a Bigger, Better Brain

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Praise for Grow Your Brain! 

This book gave me practical advice and encouragement that I can do things to help prevent dementia. Easy to read, but footnotes for anyone who has questions or wants to get deep into the scientific research.

Ed D.,  East Greenwich RI

The author is a really good writer! I enjoyed it so much, I gave it to my wife,  and she did too. We bought a copy and sent to our PhD daughter, and 10 copies to give to friends!

Stan B.,  Boston

Great book! Learning So Much!

Michele V., Philadelphia

I plan to buy many to give out to friends and family.

John D., Houston

What would change in your life if you could think faster? Focus intensely for longer periods? Have a better memory?

Would You be more confident?

Perform better at your job?

Be more successful?

What if your could help your children grow healthier, stronger better brains?

Would they do better in school?

Be better prepared for life as adults?

Research indicates that all that- and more-is possible.

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Grow Your Brain! presents cutting-edge medical research that shows no matter how young or old you are, you can make your brain healthier and bigger.  Grow Your Brain! leads the reader on a step by step journey to brain growth and health. It provides parents practical how-to information to help their children realize their vast mental potential. Younger adults will find advice to achieve peak mental performance to compete in today’s tricky job market. For everyone, Grow Your Brain! provides specific steps to improve memory, increase brain processing speed and to reduce the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

With findings from leading medical schools, research hospitals and government research agencies around the world, you’ll find concepts that can be applied immediately: how exercise can strengthen your brain,  which meditation techniques will increase mental focus and reduce stress, and what games to play to build cognitive reserve.  Which surprisingly delicious diet choices will make your brain healthier.

Grow Your Brain! explores the tantalizing world of those hundreds of billions of microbes living in your gut - and what they have to do with your brain health. Why going to church might extend your life, why you should spend more time outside, go barefoot and much more.

Most of us have a realistic possibility of living into our nineties or beyond. The author, a former business executive turned entrepreneur and investor, is obsessed with the idea that we can make brainspan match our lifespan. Assiduously researched, Grow Your Brain! is written for general readers, but has detailed references to research for those who want to explore the underlying science.

Let this book show you that anyone, at any age, can have a bigger, healthier brain!