Gear Ball

Gear Ball

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Goal: Twist and turn the Gear Ball until you form six solid faces of colour
Ages: 7 and up

Scientific research has shown that combining fine motor skills with new mental challenges can stimulate the mind and support a growing brain. The Gear Ball is a new twist on an old favorite that makes this challenging brain teaser fun for adults and the whole family, while stimulating approximately 70,000 nerve endings in your hands.

The Gear Ball puzzle is a revolutionary concept: instead of a cube, this softball-sized  puzzle is made of interconnecting gears. The solid craftsmanship of this mind stimulating game creates a velvety and fluid twisting motion (perfect as a satisfying puzzle for both the elderly and special needs children).

Great for the brainiacs and puzzle collectors in your family.

There are many ways to complete the puzzle, see if you can find them all!

Skills developed: fine motor, focus, visual perception.