Gear Ball

The Gear Ball is a new twist on an old favorite that makes this challenging brain teaser much more fun! (Twist, get it? Twist?) The Gear Ball puzzle is a revolutionary concept: instead of a cube, this puzzle is shaped like a baseball and is made of interconnecting gears. The unique mechanisms of this mind stimulating game create a velvety and fluid twisting and turning motion. Playing and solving the Gear Ball stimulates approximately 70,000 nerve endings in your hands. Your brain will be cranking as you work the gears to solve the Gear Ball!

The goal of these fun puzzles and brain teasers is to twist and turn the Gear Ball’s surface until you form six solid faces of color. Completing the solution, however, requires more than just positioning nine pieces of matching color per side. You must also correctly align the bordered gear pieces.

Recommended for ages 7+