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Fastrack is a new kind of sports game for up to two players - part hockey, part archery, this brain training game is fast-paced and fun. The game consists of a wooden tray with an elastic band across each end of a bridge in the middle with a slot opening. Each side begins with 5 wooden discs. Using only one hand and the elastic band, players shoot the discs across to the other side. The first player to successfully clear all 10 to the opponent’s side wins the round.

While skill is essential to come out on top in this mind-stimulating game, it also takes luck because the disks bounce off each other or off your opponents elastic and right back to your side of the board.

Fastrack is high quality, durable, and made of wood with a retro racing checkerboard that’s appealing to kids.

Key skills developed: dexterity, reaction time, strategy, fine motor and hand-eye coordination.
Goal: The first to clear all 10 disks to the opponent's side wins
Ages: 5 and up