CinnamonAromatherapy Set
CinnamonAromatherapy Set CinnamonAromatherapy Set

Cinnamon. Need a mid-day boost? Fatigued after that spin class? Office staff looking a little laggard? Power up with this spice. Cinnamon has been a valued commodity for thousands of years. It is part of the recipe for anointing oil described in the Book of Exodus, which was written approximately the sixth century BCE.  Here at Big Brain Place, we associate our cinnamon with boosting energy. Diffuse some early in the morning at your place of work – see if everyone's energy level isn’t higher. Our set contains a generous four ounces of essential oil prepared for us in the USA, a clear bell diffuser bottle made in Spain from recycled glass and your choice of either black or natural diffuser reeds. Four-to-five reeds will naturally diffuse enough fragrance for a medium sized room. Use more reeds for a larger room or for a stronger fragrance. Comes with 10 reeds.