Cinnamon Aromatherapy Gift Set

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Our Cinnamon Aromatherapy Gift Set has everything you need to infuse your home or office with a stimulating fragrance to boost energy levels -  a generous four ounce bottle of cinnamon diffuser oil, one glass diffuser bottle made from environmentally-friendly recycled glass in Spain, and ten natural reeds in your choice of white or black. Four-to-five reeds will naturally diffuse enough fragrance for a medium sized room. Use more for a larger room or for a stronger fragrance. 

Our essential cinnamon oil is crafted in the USA, mixed by the best diffuser oil experts with an alcohol-free, phthalate-free, and DPG-free formula. The oil will wick through the natural diffuser reeds without clogging and stay fresh for a long period- even months.
Cinnamon has been a valued commodity for thousands of years. It is part of the recipe for the anointing oil described in the Book of Exodus, which was written approximately the sixth century BC. We use the power of cinnamon diffuser oil to generate higher energy levels at home and in the office and to support healthy, active brains.

Research has shown that particular fragrances and oils can assist in boosting energy, relaxing for meditation, and deeper sleep - all of which contribute to the overall health of our brain. Read more about the research behind our products at our blog or view some of our other aromatherapy diffuser sets here.