Big Brain Coffee Collection

Big Brain Coffee Collection

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The benefits of coffee on the mind and brain are strongly related to the benefits on the rest of your body. Numerous studies have shown that coffee can assist in preventing brain diseases such as alzheimer's and dementia, as well as helping prevent other health issues such as heart failure, type II diabetes, and even cancer. Read more about the research and science behind the benefits of coffee at our blog here.

Our 3-pack was made for the brain-boosting explorer, combining our best varieties of 12 ounce whole bean packs in one affordable collection.All of our deliciously smooth coffee is freshly roasted locally by one of the first boutique small-batch roasters in New England.

Our Big Brain Bold is an authentic dark roast made with Colombian beans, perfect for an early morning boost or with an after-dinner liqueur.

The Big Brain Blend is comprised of Central and South American beans, nicely balanced between a light and heavy body with mild acidity.

Finally, the Big Brain Benchmark is a classic 100% Colombian coffee, with a delicious sweetness combined with a slightly darker roast to create a more robust flavor.

Encourage a healthy, happy brain by exploring the benefits of coffee today.