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Jasmine. Jasmine has been used as a fragrance for centuries. While associated with India and China, varieties of this flowering shrub are now grown around the world. Use this gentle fragrance to stimulate your memory, or improve your mood. Feeling lucky? Jasmine might just make you feel a little sexier.

Lavender. The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians used lavender two thousand years ago for multiple purposes.Many find this fragrance calming and relaxing.  Have trouble falling asleep? Try some of this fragrant herb lavender in your bedroom.  Scientists now believe that our brains organize memory while we are sleeping.  Further, we now also know that a good night’s sleep is important to overall brain function. (You might also want one of our plush oversized silk eye mask.)

Cinnamon. No, it’s not just for Christmas. Need a mid-day boost? Fatigued after that spin class? Office staff looking a little laggard? Power up with this spice. Cinnamon has been a valued commodity for thousands of years. It is part of the recipe for anointing oil described in the Book of Exodus, which was written approximately the sixth century BCE.  Here at Big Brain Place, we associate our cinnamon with boosting energy. Diffuse some early in the morning at your place of work – see if the energy level isn’t higher.

Vanilla. Did you know that vanilla comes from an orchid? One particular species of orchid produces pods that create the bean used in the flavor we know as vanilla.  An interesting characteristic about vanilla is that it seems to be universally liked – a fragrance perceived as pleasant worldwide. Visitors coming to your office or store? Vanilla will be a subtle welcoming touch. Wound up a little too tight? Dealing with nervous energy? Some vanilla in the air might be just what you need. Along with lavender, vanilla is a perfect fragrance to have in the air when practicing meditation.

Peppermint. There is nothing subtle about this herb. But that’s the point about peppermint- it is going to boost your energy. Wake you up and keep you alert. Make everyone a little more confident. While peppermint has lots of uses as flavoring and medicinally,  we recommend diffusing some – and watch your brain go into hyper-drive.

Rosemary. Rosemary is a flowering herb that originated in the Mediterranean region, but now is planted everywhere as a decorative flower. Sprigs of rosemary have been used for centuries in weddings as bridal headpieces. The leaves are used as a flavoring, particularly in Mediterranean cuisine. Rosemary is viewed as a memory booster; we’ve seen reports of college students diffusing it during exam cram study periods. Our Rosemary Mint is a subtle fragrance that can be used throughout home or office.

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