Like Minded: If you are reading this, you likely share our interest in keeping your brain in peak condition. Scientific research shows that we can act to improve our brain health, and indeed, physically grow a bigger brain. We created Big Brain Place to offer products we believe support the goal of growing & maintaining a healthy brain. Here you will find a brilliant collection of smart, challenging, and healthy ways to build a bigger brain.
Peace of Mind: Every product we sell has been tested and used by one of our owners! Our goal is to for you dig in and get a little brainy while testing yourself with a brainteaser or puzzle, playing a fun and stimulating game, enjoying a cup of our freshly-roasted small batch coffee, or finding your inner calm while meditating.
Again- we use these ourselves otherwise we wouldn't recommend them to you!
Think Big: Our blog will inform you of the latest research on brain fitness. There is extensive research that supports our belief that a well-maintained brain will grow. To that end, we are believers that our brains benefit from:
• Getting a good night’s sleep
• Staying fit with diet and exercise
• Meditation
• Challenging activities
• Aromatherapy stimulation
• Social connections
We hope you’ll make them a part of your overall personal growth and development program.

Family oriented: Big Brain Place is a small, family owned, business located in Bellingham, MA. Maintaining a healthy brain is important to us, and we know there are others out there like us!

You are safe with us: we will never sell your information. Period.