Big Brain Sensory Blankets

Our sensory blankets are hand made, and can be machine washed cold + dried on the low setting of a dryerEach blanket also has cloth ties to secure the blanket to a conventional chair or wheelchair.

We have heard them called several things, but the description is always for the same product. An activity/busy/fidget blanket is a lap blanket that provides sensory and tactile stimulation for restless hands. Particularly of someone with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, or people who experienced a stroke.


Our large (generally 21" to 23" per side) blanket is handcrafted for us in Massachusetts. Each blanket is a unique creation meaning no two are the same! Every blanket will offer 9 or more different activities/tactile experiences including: fabric textures, multiple colors, items to insert and remove from pockets, opening and closing zippers, handling plush toys, opening and closing Velcro fasteners, and bead strands.


These warm lap blankets are sturdily constructed of two layers: one flannel and one polyester fleece which sandwich a layer of batting for durability. They weigh approximately 1/3 pound, and the weight is spread evenly which makes them super comfortable on the user’s lap.

Quantities of these blankets, cut and sewn here in the U.S., are extremely limited. Each is meant to be it's own work of art, and no two are exactly the same. Buy now while supplies last!