Dr. Eureka
Dr. Eureka Dr. Eureka Dr. Eureka

One of the most entertaining brain teaser games for kids, Dr. Eureka is fast-paced puzzle-solving fun! A great multiplayer brain game, Dr. Eureka is a brain teaser and a race combined. Solve scientific formulas by moving your materials from test tube to test tube without touching them with your bare hands. Solve the puzzle card faster than your competition to prove you are the smartest scientist in the lab!


Type: Spatial relations, fine motor skills, problem solving.

Goal: To set up your test tubes with the puzzle solution faster than your competition!

Ages 8 and up. 1-4 players.

*The “materials” players are moving are small colored balls (3 different colors)

**Game not recommended for children under 8 as game pieces are small and can be swallowed.


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