What Is Your Job Doing To Your Brain?

What Is Your Job Doing To Your Brain?

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Is Your Job Low or High Stimulus? It Matters. A Lot.

Recently the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reported the results of a large study – almost 108,000 participants- that delved into the question of how job content might affect longer-term brain health. Thirty researchers, coordinated by Mika Kivimaki, Professor of Public Health at the University of Helsinki and Epidemiologist at University College London, found that jobs with low cognitive stimulus are linked to higher levels of dementia later in life, compared to jobs with high levels of cognitive stimulus.

Specifically, about 4.8 individuals out of 10,000 in high-stimulus work environments develop dementia, while 7.3 per 10,000 in low-stimulus jobs did.

The researchers found that workers in more stimulative work had a lower level of certain proteins that – potentially- inhibit axonogenesis and synaptogenesis – the formation of new axons and synapses. From previous emails you’ll recognize that axons take signals away from neurons to other neurons, while synapses form the connection among neurons.

Link to the study here.


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