Try This For Better A Better Memory

Try This For Better A Better Memory

There is so much research on the health benefits of various spices - including brain health- that we're making it a regular feature over the next few weeks.We’ll begin with sage, which may have brain health benefit as well. Sage is a woody plant that grows widely around the world and is used as both an ornamental plant and medicinally. The leaves and juice have been used as a flavoring for centuries, and probably just as long in herbal medicine. Sage, in some small studies, has been shown to boost memory (typically short-term recall). Indeed, it looks like a great tool for test-cramming since some research shows better recall within hours of consumption.

There is speculation that sage may offer some resistance to Alzheimer’s disease, but, to our knowledge, no clinical research has confirmed that. In any case, we like it as a flavoring. It’s the key spice in our family recipe for Thanksgiving dressing (others call it “stuffing”) and we like breakfast sausage with a hint of it.

A reminder that we’ll keep repeating on this topic: in clinical studies, participants are given consistent, measured doses. Not many of us use the same spice in recipes every day, and probably not in the dosage researchers use.

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