The Green Tea Story Keeps Getting Better!

The Green Tea Story Keeps Getting Better!

Anyone, At Any Age, Can Have A Bigger, Better Brain

New Health Benefit Found in Green Tea

We’ve come across some additional research about the health benefits of green tea. More specifically, this research focused on L-Theanine, (L-THE), an amino acid found in green tea. In this blog post from August,  we discussed research that concluded one has to be a regular and frequent consumer of green tea to get health benefits. This newer research used concentrated doses of L-THE rather than have participants consume tea all day.

It was conducted by a very international research group headed by Jackson L Williams, PhD and Julian M. Everett, both of the University of Canberra in Australia, and included team members from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, Aston Medical School in Birmingham, Notre Dame University of Australia and the Australian National University. From the report:

…L-theanine…is associated with several health benefits, including improvements in mood, cognition and a reduction of stress and anxiety-like symptoms.

Other studies also indicate that consumption of L-THE may improve cognition. Note that the studies we’ve presented before attribute the health benefit of green tea to catechins, which are chemical compounds found in certain berries, cocoa and tea. Catechins are anti-inflammatory. These new studies show an additional benefit from the presence of L-THE.

Link to this new study here.

But…since the benefits of catechins are separate from the benefits of L-THE, you’ll still have to drink tea all day after all.

Finally, in this post from 2019 showed possible physical changes in brain structure from tea consumption. It is from the Lab For Brain Bionic Intelligence in China, so how can you not read that?

More Brain-Building Ideas

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