Take Your Brain On A Hike

Take Your Brain On A Hike


Here in our region, the governors have reduced restrictions on golfing, and the courses have immediately booked up. And you’ve almost certainly seen pictures of parks and beaches across the country drawing crowds.

There is a long hiking trail that can be accessed within view of my home. Shortly after stay-at-home orders were issued and schools closed here, that nature trail became far busier than anytime in anyone’s memory. Laid-off workers, work-from-homers, and parents hoping their children would burn some energy were trying the trail.

There’s something called the biophilia hypothesis, that posits that humans are wired for interacting with nature. Here’s a link to an Encyclopaedia Britannica article on the biophilia hypothesis.

Regardless of one’s opinion on that, the Mayo Clinic lists these benefits from time in natural settings: [it] encourages physical activity; provides better air quality; allows for social interaction [maybe not so much right now]; and exposes you to sunlight, which generates vitamin D.

You’re probably already walking, running, biking or hiking already, or at least thinking about it. If you aren’t, put your mask on a take a hike. It’s good for keeping that big brain healthy.

We have previously covered the research that indicates that certain emotions, some of which may be caused by experiences in the great outdoors, help the body to maintain cytokines in a healthy balance. Cytokines are proteins that are secreted by immune cells that cause other cells to act. Read more about that here.

Also, you might find this aspect of something to do in nature thought-provoking.

Or you might just need a nature pill to keep your big brain growing.

Here’s Some Self-Quarantine Motivation

Daniel Pink is the best-selling author of When, Drive, To Sell Is Human and more. Here is a very short video from him that might give you some brain health motivation. Given the crazy weather, from snows to tropical storms going on right now, might make this motivational video even more timely.

More Brain-Building Ideas

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