Scientists Say Your Brain Needs This

Scientists Say Your Brain Needs This

From an evolutionary perspective, sleep makes no sense. Were you ever afraid of the dark? Are your young children still a little afraid of the dark? There is good reason. If your ancestors lived near warmer waters, alligators and crocodiles could hunt them.  Or perhaps your distant ancestors lived in the northern forests? Better keep the campfire burning all night to keep the wolves away. And bears. Were they in warmer climates? They only had to worry about leopards or tigers. It made plenty of sense to be concerned about the night. Those fears have valid evolutionary basis.

With all those risks, why do humans sleep? Sleeping would just have exposed our ancestors to all those risks. Furthermore, why do we need to sleep now? Unless we are going to be on an episode of television series Naked and Afraid, few of us are ever vulnerable to attack by nocturnal predators.

New research from Bar Ilan University in Ramat-Gan Israel begins to explain just why we shut down our system and enter a state of paralysis for seven to nine of every 24 hours. Our individual brain neurons require sleep.

That’s right; at the cellular level repairs are made overnight. According to research led by Professor Lior Appelbaum, who is a faculty member of the Life Sciences and Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center at Bar Israel, there is chromosome work to repair DNA performed while we sleep. From the research: “Sleep gives an opportunity to reduce DNA damage accumulated in the brain during wakefulness”. And “The role of sleep is to…. normalize the levels of DNA damage in each single neuron”. Links to the research here and here.

Previous newsletters have covered the important role sleep plays in organizing memory and the function of the glymphatic system that removes all kinds of waste and sludge from the brain. Add neuron maintenance to the reasons that getting a full night’s sleep consistently night after night.

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