Scientists Say Eat Plants Live Longer

Scientists Say Eat Plants Live Longer

A study in Japan followed about 71,000 adults for 18 years beginning in 1995. One part of the study, reported in influential medial journal JAMA Internal Medicine, concentrated on how diet might affect cardiovascular disease and cancer. Team leaders from the National Cancer Center in Tokyo, Nara Women’s University, Osaka University and Azabu University in Kanagawa, reported a longevity benefit from combing a higher plant-based diet with lower red meat consumption. Specifically, participants who obtained some of their protein requirements from plants had a lower risk of premature death. Plant protein sources include beans, nuts and grains.

From the study:

Higher intake of plant protein was associated with lower total mortality. Moreover, substitution of plant protein for animal protein, mainly for red or processed meat protein, was associated with lower risk of total, cancer-related, and cardiovascular disease-related mortality.

The study indicated the reduction in deaths from cardiovascular disease could be as high as 30%.

Link to the research here.

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