Resolve to Grow Your Brain in 2019. Here's How.

Resolve to Grow Your Brain in 2019. Here's How.

Four important findings from current scientific research:

  1. We can grow new physical connections in our brains.
  2. Brain-building activities in young and middle age help maintain brain strength when we are older.
  3. We can create more brain connections any time in life: infant, children, adult, middle age, senior.
  4. We have a good idea how to do it.

Is there something you’ve said that you really want to do when you have the time? Chances are that some of those things might just grow your brain. It’s time to start – that thing you want to do but don’t think you have the time might be a perfect brain-builder. Don’t wait!

Brain builders tend to group in three categories:

  1. Activities that require concentration and fine motor skills.
  2. Activities that require on-task, continuous concentration.
  3. Learning new languages. (Maybe that isn’t really a category but don’t be picky).

Concentration and Coordination Activities

Take a look at the following list. All of them require you to focus your brain and to use one or more limbs. We’ll bet there is at least one thing on this list you’ve always wanted to do.

  1. Learn to yoyo.
  2. Or learn to juggle.
  3. Take dancing lessons. Dancing can work the heart as well as the brain, be a social activity, and provide a good time for all involved.
  4. Become a pool shooter. Ever watch professional billiards, snooker or pool players? Those are all games of angles, spin and speed management. Any denizen of pool halls knows that it isn’t just the young guys who hustle. There are some older, very experienced players who can “shape” a shot in ways that seemingly defy physics. (There’s a current commercial featuring Matthew McConaughey performing a trick shot. Great example). Channel your inner Minnesota Fats.
  5. Become a woodcarver. Have you seen what collectors will pay for hand-carved and decorated ducks?
  6. Make sculpture.
  7. Draw, sketch, paint.
  8. Take a trip to the Pacific Northwest and learn to fly fish. Lessons recommended.
  9. Or, learn how to make the “flies” for fly fishing.
  10. Learn to build and fly a drone. It might launch a second career as well.
  11. Even better, learn to fly a real plane.
  12. Take a pottery-making class. Or a glass-blowing class.
  13. Did you ever joke about taking basket-weaving as an easy way to get some college credit hours? Now would be a good time to do it for real.
  14. Find your local quilt shop. Make a quilt.
  15. Learn to crochet, cross-stitch, do needlework or operate one of those high-tech computers-with-needles sewing machines.
  16. Take classes in small engine repair. Or big engine repair for that matter.
  17. Stop playing air guitar and play a real guitar. The development of musical skills seems to have uniquely powerful impact on the human brain, activating multiple regions of the brain simultaneously.Play Music; Grow Your Brain

Many leisure activities that require on-task focus are also brain builders.

  1. Work crossword puzzles.



2. And physical puzzles like Rubik’s Cube, wood assemblies , Gear Ball, and the like.

3. Solve those Sudoku math puzzles.

4. Play bridge.

5. Play poker. If I were playing in one of those high-stakes Las Vegas poker tournaments with more than a million dollars at risk, you can bet (bet, get it?) that I’d be concentrating.

6. Play chess (one of the ways that Bill Gates is working on his brain).

7. Try the ancient strategy game of Go.

Go Global

Studying foreign languages stimulates brain cell growth and is linked to higher cognitive reserve in later life. Since there is usually at least one, if not more, foreign language broadcasts on most cable networks, it’s now easier to listen to native speakers while working on pronunciation. Give it a try before you make that long-planned European vacation.

Take the Challenge

Here’s our challenge: make 2019 the year you grow your brain!

Let’s get started. Our selection of strategy games and educational (but super fun) kids' games would be a good place to start.

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