Our Best of the Web Gift Guide

Our Best of the Web Gift Guide

We've scoured the web for cool gifts so that you don't have to. We've found something for everyone on your Christmas gift list. Or just start a new "self-gifting" tradition this holiday to make sure you get what you really want!

Something Different in Crosswords

Barbour Publishing is employee-owned and specializes in religious books and related items. One category is crossword puzzles. Regular readers will recall that research has found brain health benefit from solving crosswords. Barbour's twist on this is crosswords that have Biblical themes. These puzzles are very reasonably priced too.

Bible Crosswords


For The Man Who Needs Some Grooming Help

For the manly man on your gift list, Beard Brand has products to tame the wildest beard, sculpt hair and for general grooming. Just the name of this product is great.

Beard Brand Old Money

Our friends at Burgundy Fox have lingerie for every size and shape and they'll ship it right to your door. Click here to take a style quiz to get started.

Burgundy Fox Lingerie Gifts

A Different, Fun and a Little Challenging Family Activity

The folks at www.MyIntent.Org have a fascinating program for making your own jewelry. You can buy a simple kit to make a bracelet, or enough for a family activity. The items are suitable for children, women and men. Their biggest day of the year is Thanksgiving, when the kits can involve the whole family in the activity.

Jewelry Maker Kit

Anyone On Your List Need To Be More Organized?

Nick Boris says his newly-designed planner system will keep you more focused on the important things and help you get more done. His video explains why his planner is better.

 Ridiculously Tasty & Addictive Snacks

Nature Box offers a wide variety of natural snacks using their own recipes and the finest ingredients. The trail mix in this picture is our favorite.

Nature Box Trail Mix

Give The Gift Of Memory This Year

Grow Your Brain! is available in time for the holidays. Based on the theme that Anyone,  At Any Age, Can Have A Bigger Better Brain, this book presents cutting-edge medical research that shows no matter how young or old you are, you can make your brain healthier and bigger.  Grow Your Brain! leads the reader on a step by step journey to brain growth and health. It provides parents practical how-to information to help their children realize their vast mental potential. Younger adults will find advice to achieve peak mental performance to compete in today’s job market. For everyone, Grow Your Brain! provides specific steps to improve memory, increase brain processing speed and to reduce the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

With findings from leading medical schools, research hospitals and government research agencies around the world, you’ll find concepts that can be applied immediately: how exercise can strengthen your brain,  which meditation techniques will increase mental focus and reduce stress, and what games to play to build cognitive reserve.  Which surprisingly delicious diet choices will make your brain healthier.

Order it here, or ask for it at your local bookstore.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Bigger, Healthier Brain in 2020!

The Big Brain Team