OK Maybe I'll Cut Down On The Hot Dogs

OK Maybe I'll Cut Down On The Hot Dogs

Recently reported research on consumption of “ultra processed foods” shows some pretty bad health outcomes. Ultra processed foods actually is a term on the “NOVA scale” of food. Examples of ultra processed: cookies, instant soups, sausages, energy and sports drinks, salty packaged snacks, chicken nuggets, pastries and cakes, and yes, hot dogs.

Researchers in France followed about 45,000 adults from 2009 to 2017, tracking their diet as part of the French NutriNet-Sante’ Study. Led by Laure Schnabel, MD and MSc, and Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot, the study found “…a 10% increase in the proportion of ultra processed food consumption was statistically associated with a 14% higher risk of all-cause mortality”. Link to the study here.

If you are interested in what research recommends you eat to build a healthy, bigger brain instead of taco chips, corn dogs and Hostess Twinkies, we’ve covered some science-based brain food before. (We’ll spare you our recipe for chocolate fondue Twinkies. But it is killer). Follow these links:





Come on. Let’s build bigger brains together.

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