Need To Be More Creative? Cut Your Screen Time

Need To Be More Creative? Cut Your Screen Time

The Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital have created the Center on Media and Child Health. The study is led by Pediatrician Michael Rich, who is associate professor of pediatrics at HMS. They’ve launched a 10-year study called The Growing Up Digital Study (GUD) to review the effects of digital technology, screen time and the like on children’s development and physical and mental health.

Here’s an interesting quote from Dr. Rich: “Boredom is the space in which creativity and imagination happen”. All of us it seems fight boredom. In line at Starbucks? Check messages and social media on our phones. We don’t want to have idle time. Yet, as the doctor points out, idle time really isn’t idle at all – for adults or for children. Spending quiet time, and in particular, time in nature, seems to trigger bursts of creativity. Other research indicates that our brains don’t mature until our mid to late twenties. Until then, we need to make sure that children have limits on screen time. And us adults probably need to do the same. I know I do, and I will work it into my 2020 goals.

As study results emerge from Dr. RIch's team, look for us to present them here.

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