Just How Far Do You Need To Walk?

Just How Far Do You Need To Walk?

10K Is Great But Less Is OK Too

Let's face it. Ten thousand steps is a lot. Is it really necessary to get to 10,000? How about 9,500? Or 7,500? And where did that number come from anyway?

Professor I-Min Lee, ScD, of the Harvard Medical School led a research project reviewing the 10,000 step goal that many people are using. The study, co-sponsored by the National Institute on Aging (Masamitsu Kamada, PhD, was a participating researcher), found that less than 10K steps can do the job. A group of almost 17,000 women wore pedometers to create a sample of daily steps. Subsequently their health outcomes were tracked for 4+ years. Women who walked 4,400 steps a day were 41% less likely to die than women who walked under 2,700. Benefit seemingly topped out at 7,500 steps a day.

The speed of walking may matter, but the statistics from this study on that were a little murky.

Professor Lee noted: “Our message is not a new message: “Physical activity is good for you. What’s new and striking is how little you need to do to make a difference”. Link to the study here.

Get moving.

More Brain-Building Ideas

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