Growing A Big Healthy Brain During Quarantine Part III

Growing A Big Healthy Brain During Quarantine Part III

We Believe That Anyone, At Any Age, Can Have A Bigger Better Brain

Part III of our continuing series on how to not only protect your brain during these weird times, but to make it healthier, stronger, and dare we say, bigger.

Make The Most Of The Grocery Store Run

 If your family is like ours, you’re making a grocery store trip about once a week, dressed to decontaminate a nuclear reactor. A recent newsletter from the Cleveland Clinic has diet advice for brain health. It notes that adherence to a diet such as the MIND (Mediterranean Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay)* or the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) are linked to reductions in Alzheimer’s Disease. Based on its recommendations, you’ll want to pick up some fresh leafy green vegetables, nuts, berries and fish, and use olive oil. It also says reduce red meat consumption (OK- that is really hard for me, I’ll admit it), margarine, cheese (surprising?), pastries and fried food. Our family is from the South. We expect to fry about everything. Fried chicken- of course- but also fried corn, fried cauliflower and fried pickles. Not so easy to give up, but we get the message.

In that newsletter, Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD, Manager of the Wellness Nutrition Services at Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute noted: “There’s a lot of evidence showing that the gut and the brain are very closely connected. In fact, some experts call the gut the ‘second brain’. Some diets are beneficial for gut health, which may help with cognitive health and depression”.

Despite our fondness for battered and deep-fried, we’re trying to eat more healthy stuff and less Cheetos. During this weird quarantine period, we all need to do everything we can to keep our brain healthy and growing more neurons.

*They really wanted an abbreviation that was a word, e.g. MIND. Instead of a positive statement about a program to keep our brains at peak performance, they had to create "Neurodegenerative Delay".

More Brain-Building Ideas

I founded Big Brain Place because I saw how fast science is discovering the secrets to brain health, and realized how little I knew about it. Clearly I couldn't be the only one not familiar with the possible actions that can optimize brain health.  At BigBrain.Place we are on a mission to help everyone, at any age, improve cognition, reduce the risk of dementia, insure our children have the opportunity to develop maximum brain capacity, and, in general, make our brainspans match our lifespans.

Are you taking the steps now to prevent dementia later in life?

Could you use some science-based brain building ideas?

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Have friends who could use a bigger brain? Please use the links below to share this post.