Easy Ways to Build a Bigger Brain in 2018

Easy Ways to Build a Bigger Brain in 2018

New research with easy tips for building your bigger, better brain in 2018!

Use These Two New Research Findings to Build Your Bigger Better Brain in 2018

As opposed to telling you that you really shouldn’t drink an entire pot of coffee per day, we found some positive news to share. Best, the benefits come from easy- to- do things.

Walking Has Newly-Discovered Brain Benefits

As you certainly know, exercise is your top 2018 priority for building a bigger brain. There is new, and rather interesting, research on the how the type of exercise can affect your brain health. A team of researchers from New Mexico Highlands University and the schools of medicine at New Mexico University, Colorado University and the University of Copenhagen studied healthy young adults performing different activities. They found that walking and running have a unique effect: they create pressure waves beginning in the feet from landing on the ground. Those pressure waves propel blood into the brain. That contrasts to other exercises like cycling where there isn’t either the lighter foot pressure of walking or the heavier foot pressure of running. Link to the research here. That 10,000 steps thing seems to have some scientific support (oh and remember that we reported research indicating the benefit of walking begins with as little as 4,000 steps).

And Yoga Helps Brain & Body

Author and podcaster Dr. Christina Tarantola reported three different benefits from yoga, including improved mood (and reduction in depression episodes), better pain management from arthritis sufferers, and overall fitness gains. Linked here.

But First- In Case You Missed It

And, no, coffee fiends, it isn't an entire pot a day.

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